Lisa M. Hermsen, Professor of English
Rich Newman, Professor of History
M. Ann Howard, Professor of Science, Technology, and Society, and Director of RIT University/Community Partnerships
Kristoffer Whitney, Assistant Professor in the Department of Science, Technology and Society
Rebekah Walker, DHSS Librarian at The RIT Wallace Center
Jane Amstey, Associate Director, RIT University/Community Partnerships
Daniel Krull, NEH Project Digital Community History Assistant
Christine McCullough, NEH Project Digital Initiatives Assistant
Lizzy Carr, NEH Project Digital Community History Assistant
Justin Scalera, Architectural Photographer
Tony Apollonio, Marketview Heights Community Expert
Tunya Griffin, Marketview Heights Community Expert
Rich Holowka, Marketview Heights Community Expert
Martin Pedraza, Marketview Heights Community Expert
Christine Ridarsky, City Historian at the Rochester Public Library
Marcia Trauernicht, Director of RIT Libraries